The Sirrus Group and Alphalytics have merged with Patient Accounts Services to form Acclara Solutions. Together we help hospitals, health systems, and physician practices recover more revenue more quickly.


Contract Payment Auditing Program


The Contract Payment Auditing Program is focused on ensuring that you, as a healthcare provider, are reimbursed accurately and in accordance with your payer agreements for the services that you provide. We possess extensive experience in contract analysis, insurance reimbursement protocols, third party billing and follow-up management. This experience is collectively used to identify third party payment discrepancies to effectively pursue and recover payment shortfalls for which you are owed. Furthermore, this program is risk free to your institution. Sirrus will provide these services strictly on a contingency basis. We do not get paid unless we recover what is due, according to the contracts with your payers.


The Sirrus Group is now Acclara Solutions.
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