The Sirrus Group and Alphalytics have merged with Patient Accounts Services to form Acclara Solutions. Together we help hospitals, health systems, and physician practices recover more revenue more quickly.


Third Party Receivables Outsourcing Program


The Third Party Receivable Outsourcing Program has been developed to assist healthcare providers in managing, as well as improving accounts receivable performance. This program allows you to outsource all, or perhaps a segment, of your outstanding accounts receivable which will be diligently worked by our organization on your behalf.

We have implemented and maintained outsourcing programs to aid providers who have:

  • experienced staffing shortages and needed additional support,
  • converted their patient financial systems and needed to focus on the implementation of their new system,
  • sought to improve their recovery performance and meet their cash flow requirements.


The Sirrus Group is now Acclara Solutions.
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